The Dead Muppets Squad


Upcoming Events

May 18th and 19th - Band of brothers at Kiowa Creek Paintball. Register now

September 7th - Valken game in Canada (Charles will have more details).

September 21st Aliens in the Rockies in Utah (More details will be posted as we get them).

The Dead Muppets Squad is primarily a scenario paintball team with players based in Colorado Springs and Denver. Membership in the team is by invitation only, and only players who have the highest integrity and honor will be allowed to join the team. We hope you enjoy our website! Please join our forum for information on upcoming games and other happenings! Our gallery has pictures of the Muppets in action!
Play smart!

Play With honor!

We'll see YOU on the field!

Team slogan: Don't run, you'll only die tired!

DMS Team